Horseback riding in Pine Ridge

After a scouting trip in the Belizean Jungle in Mountain Pine Ridge, I made a great discovery. It is a place that left me speechless. I am talking about Mountain Equestrian Trails, a 30-horse ranch that also offers lodging under thatch roofs.

My encounter with the Bevis family, the ranch owners, was amazing! As soon as I arrived on the property, I was overcome by a feeling of stillness and calm. The landscape is breathtaking, and the whole place is surrounded by a serene vibe. The mountains, the horses, and the hummingbirds around the cantina all make for a heavenly sight.

In the past I used to go horseback riding once a year or less, but until this experience with MET, I didn’t understand what horseback riding really was. I stayed there at the same time as a group of Francophones for the week, and I was able to feel the passion people have for this eco-touristic activity. What a beautiful way to visit the site with a cultural incline. It’s a whole new perspective presented to us when we are on horseback. Passing by Hispanic and Mennonite villages, I saw pitahaya fields, churches, schools and lush green fields.

One of the aspects that appealed to me with MET is probably the kerosene lamps which transform the ambiance into a unique experience. Since the rooms don’t have electricity, they light 3 lamps for you at night. The meal at the cantina is also lit by oil lamps and candles, and everyone eats together around a table along with the Bevis family. At night, you fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle with dimmed lights, it is a place for tranquility…

In the morning, you open your windows to see a thick mist in the distant mountains. This makes for post-card photos!

See our Turf & Tikal route for more information.

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