Cave Expeditions

  • Five Blues Lake

Fives Blues Lake's adventure is not like any other cave expedition. Situated in the Stann Creek district, Five Blues Lake National Park is located right after the beautiful village of St.Margaret. From there, you will be driving a total of 7 miles before reaching the Indian creek.

Tubing option: Wearing your helmet and headlamp, you will be going through the longest of the 3 caves in the park, the Lamanai cave. Starting with a hike of about 40 minutes, you get to see some of the wildlife on your way. After a short briefing, this is the put-in point of your tube. Tubing down the river, you will be entering the cave, experiencing total darkness. Enjoy the cool water of the creek after eating your cave burrito.

Kayaking option: After getting all your equipment and a short briefing, start paddling down the creek in your kayak. Once inside the cave, lay down completely in your kayak and push yourself against the low ceiling to continue the adventure. Coming out of the caves, look out for crocodiles! In the caves ahead –the Jaguar, the Duende and the Lamanai caves, your guide will explain about the cave geology and Maya interpretation.

  • CheChemHa

Or the Cave of the Poisonwood Water. It probably carries the greatest collection of Maya pottery ever discovered. It was used for food storage and rituals. It takes a good 30-45 minute hike to access the site, and lots of crawling and climbing once inside.

  • ATM

The Cave of the Stone Sepulchre is for fit and adventurous people with lots of climbing and crawling planned out. This is a 10-hour expedition altogether (including the drive there and back). The ancient Maya knew ATM as Xibalba. It stretches for 3 miles and is located in the northern foothills of the Maya Mountains. It starts with a 45-minute hike through the jungle. Keens shoes** would be the best thing to wear since you will get wet all day long and there is a lot of walking before reaching the entrance. Once inside, you need to wear a pair of socks since the oil on your feet will damage the rock inside of the cave.

A short swim will get us started with this expedition.

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