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On Cascade Trail at Hidden Valley

January 2014, I tied my hiking shoes early in the morning to venture on a 2-hour hike. Cascade Trail, on the Hidden Valley Inn property, is a trail like no other. It is characterized by the beauty of the landscape throughout the entire path. In order to access the hundreds of kilometers of trails on […]

Horseback riding in Pine Ridge

After a scouting trip in the Belizean Jungle in Mountain Pine Ridge, I made a great discovery. It is a place that left me speechless. I am talking about Mountain Equestrian Trails, a 30-horse ranch that also offers lodging under thatch roofs. My encounter with the Bevis family, the ranch owners, was amazing! As soon […]

Night Safari at the foothills of the Maya Mountains

I just got back from a weekend in a captivating universe. That of the reptilian world, amphibians, insects as well as everything around us in the jungle. You may have understood that my source of inspiration is the mountains. There is so much there to discover and to learn from. Alongside biologists and herpetologists, I […]

Volunteering with S6 in the Chiquibul reserve

14 days straight in the Chiquibul Reserve spent with the S6 -Scarlet 6- team… Being in the jungle was quite a learning experience in itself! Survival skills start to develop as well as the six senses. Why six? I’m glad you asked! The subconscious mind, being in a totally different environment, captures new feelings, sounds, […]

Drive to outperform vs. comfort zone

Outperforming : being torn by voices coming from within generating an adrenaline that one is not accustomed to deal with. How do we get motivated to carry on a mission taking us out of the ordinary, exposing ourselves to what we do not control? Eco Camino went on the field to make you shiver a little… […]