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Gear up for a spellbinding experience, and a lifetime of memories in Belize
with our ecotourism packages!

Immerse in the deepest of the jungle. Skydive into the Blue Hole. Experience the lifestyle with authentic people and mesmerizing cultures…
Get lost within the land, come wake your senses!

Our Ecotourism packages will have you visiting the true and wild Belize in its purest form. Pick from various activities aimed at growing the bonds we entertain with nature, as well as the ones between people from around the world.

We feel responsible tourism is a necessity while traveling, and we cater to the curious and active minds of those who embrace ecotourism as a way of life.

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Reasons to come to Belize

About Belize

Belize is home to the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere; this is where you’ll find the infamous Blue Hole and get a chance to dive it if you’re after thrill and excitement.

With 386km of coastline and a jungle backdrop, Belize is one of those destinations that has so much to offer with over 400 Cayes, a full underwater and on-land wildlife cast, and several spectacular Mayan sites.

Belize will offer activities of all levels. Culture and nature lovers alike can live the thrill of lush rainforests; dive into Cenotes, and go deep into the earth to witness exceptional underground cave systems.

It is the only English speaking country in Central America, but yet is sure to have you feeling in a new and enchanting element!

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Build Your Own Adventure

You set the pace! Whether it be trekking in the jungle in search for creepy crawlies, jaguars and howler monkeys; or kayaking down the river, swimming in cenotes, diving the Blue Hole; or at a more tranquil pace, taking it all in peacefully, stargazing, checking out bioluminescent planktons for some extra magic, horseback riding through incredible trails, and experiencing awe through nature’s greatness and splendor!

Here is your opportunity to build your own adventure and discover Mayan ruins, exchange with locals, and live an authentic experience surrounded by nature and wildlife.

You can pick and choose from our wide array of activities, or you can opt-in to one of our fixed packages. We can arrange something for you according to your interests and budget.
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Ecotourism 101

Ecotourism is one of those flourishing concepts for travelers, and we are happy to see a positive change in the industry. It is important for all of us to travel with mindfulness and respect.

It enables a positive outlook on the destination, and further helps develop trust and bonds between visitors and locals. We keep in mind that we are invited in to learn about a culture, a people, and that our actions and behaviors have determining impacts on our environment.

Traveling in small and discreet groups allows for open-mindedness and flexibility. It is a way that promotes understanding and sensibility, removed from the big hotel game and all-inclusive amalgamation of “built-for-tourists” facilities. It is a way to discover the true soul of your destination, promote human contact while understanding the principles of the culture we immerse in.

It is how we unlearn our own ways, off the beaten path and out of our comfort zone, to grow as compassionate and educated individuals.

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Belize ranked 4th happiest country in the world!


Belize has 3 of 4 unique atolls in the Western hemisphere


Belize has 44% of its land and sea resources protected